M.A.D. E-News: Japan Dolphins Day and Closing Day 2014

Hey M.A.D.’rs 

A quick update about our final two demonstrations of the year! 

Tomorrow we hold our annual labour day demonstration - which also falls on Japan Dolphins Day this year. We will be out front of the captive animal facility Marineland educating the public about wild capture and how “cute” animals like the cetaceans at Marineland are ripped from the ocean and their families. The demonstration runs from 12-3pm. Please support this demonstration, and all Japan Dolphins Day demonstrations and events, as best you can. As we write this the dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan is set to begin. 

Facebook Event Page for Japan Dolphins Day -

When tomorrow’s demonstration concludes our focus of the rest of the year will be the Closing Day demonstration on Sunday October 12th. Our Opening and Closing Day demonstrations are always our largest and always a priority. The way in which we close and open their seasons with massive demonstrations is more than just symbolic - it is a constant reminder to Marineland that there will never again be a day where their business will not face organized opposition. Please make sure you mark the day down on your calendars and do what you can to help us make the day a powerful statement against animal captivity. 

Facebook Event Page for Closing Day Demonstration

Marineland Animal Defense 


M.A.D. E-News: 103 Year Old Wild Orca “Granny” Needs Your Help! #NoEnbridge

Hey M.A.D.’rs 

We’ve got a friend who needs our help. 

Since we launched in 2011 we’ve thrown everything we have at the captive animal facility Marineland Canada. Our hope has always been that with enough pressure we can close the wild capture loophole and ensure that no more wild caught marine mammals will find their way into barren tanks. We do that because we believe that wild animals belong in the wild. 

In order to make that a reality though, we have to acknowledge not only the plight of captive animals like Canada’s last remaining captive Orca Kiska, but also the marine mammals that line our coasts and who desperately need our help. 

One of those animals who needs our help is Granny, the 103 year old resident wild J Pod Orca who calls the waters off of the West Coast home. Granny’s story is a long one. Believed to be born in 1911, Granny was actually captured with her pod in 1967 and released when it was determined she would be too old for captivity. Living through the boom of the captive animal industry, the move to make wild capture in the US and Canada illegal, and to the present day where only one Orca remains in captivity in Canada - Granny is a testament to the resilience of wild animals. 

However, as Granny dodges one bullet - other obstacles have always presented themselves. Safe from wild capture, Granny, her pod and all wildlife on the West Coast now face new threats in the way of oil tankers and the development of the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project. 

That project, recently green lighted by the Harper Administration against the advice of the scientific community, the majority of British Columbians, and dozens of First Nations who oppose the pipeline, is a serious threat and should be a cause for concern for everyone who wants to fight to see wild animals kept in the wild. Locals in B.C. have warned that if this pipeline ever becomes a reality to "expect dead whales."

For this reason this Saturday we will be joining with a handful of other local community groups in Niagara for a community rally out front of Conservative MP Rob Nicholson’s office in Niagara Falls. As the Minister of Defense, Mr. Nicholson holds a serious cabinet position and should be held accountable for the decisions of an administration that ignores sound advice in the name of profit. We hope that you will join with us, support this rally in any way you can, and also support the #NOEnbridge tag on social media whether it is used in Kitmat, Bella Bella, Unist’ot’en, Toronto, Montreal or St. Catharines. It is up to us to join together, raise our collective voices, and ensure that future generations of wildlife are able to not only survive, but thrive off of our coasts and in our communities. 

Do it for Granny. 


Marineland Animal Defense 

If you would like to contact Rob Nicholson to urge him to publicly remove his support for the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project you can reach him via email at
and by phone 905-353-9590. If Rob is not your MP we suggest following up with MP as well (cc us!) 

#NOEnbridge Community Rally Facebook Event Page (Please RSVP/SHARE)

Marineland Animal Defense “Neither Tanks Nor Tankers” -


M.A.D. E-News - Lupita’s Story

       Lupita at the “Freedom for Dolphins and Whales Demonstration”​

Hey M.A.D.’rs 

A week from our last demonstration I wanted to reach out today with a story. 

Demonstrating as part of the global “Freedom for Dolphins and Whales” day we set up in front of Marineland at 11:30 am for an afternoon protest. 

Not long after we set up I noticed a woman on the other side of the fence - Marineland’s side - trying to read our signs. I could tell she was shy because she was standing back a bit, but she was interested. I asked her if she knew why we were there. She nodded, smiled, and replied, ”Can I join you?” 

Communicating through a language barrier we got Lupita a sign and welcomed her to the demonstration. She stood with us for nearly the entire demonstration until her tourist bus come back up to the parking lot to take them to their next location. 

Tourist buses frequently include a stop at Marineland in travel packages, and it is common for people to not know or not want to go in or support animal captivity. We are glad that on that day we were able to offer Lupita an alternative! 

During the last round of civil litigation brought forward by the lawyers for Marineland Canada this became the central point - they wanted to restrict any speech or appeals to park goers on the basis of what they called “the right to quiet enjoyment of the park.” They were unsuccessful in their attempts as we refused to consent and they were forced to abandon their motion. Still, they recognize how powerful it is for us to be out front of their facility ready to provide people with an alternative. For some that means packing back up in the car and going somewhere else, for others like Lupita, that means spending the afternoon with us instead. 

To those who come out and demonstrate and to those who support our campaign - this is our goal. To show the people that there is another way. We do not have to rip animals from the wild, from their families, and gawk at them in small tanks and cages in order to appreciate them. 

Each individual who steps up and joins with others raises that collective voice. No, not everyone loves Marineland. In fact, we know thousands of people who do not! 

To all of those who break away from the crowd, to all of the Lupita’s out there who make an effort to take any chance to stand up for captive animals - thank you! All of these small acts - attending a demonstration, speaking out against a school or corporate trip, sharing information online and word of mouth, watching and promoting documentaries, writing politicians - combined these acts are all diffusive, they all spread and grow. Together, they will create historic change for captive animals. 

Dylan Powell (Co Founder Marineland Animal Defense) 

MAD E-News: VICTORY IN COURT + Freedom for Dolphins and Whales Demonstration (Sun June 29th)

Hey all, 

We’ve got great news! 

As we began to deliver our defense yesterday in Ontario Superior Court lawyers for Marineland Canada rose and abandoned their “silent demonstration” motion! Clearly effected by our defense, our unwillingness to back down, and the overwhelming amount of support that had come since they served us notice at the very last minute - Marineland was forced in Superior Court to back down! 

If Marineland would have been successful the restrictions would have stopped chanting and also severely restricted our ability to appeal to park goers to make informed decisions about what they support with their money. This is a huge victory for MAD and for those who oppose Marineland and none of it would have been possible without your support. 

9 days ago we launched a GoFundMe and asked for support. In the span of 8 days $9,650 of our $10,000 goal is raised!

In the span of one month hundreds took part in the first ever “March On Marineland” and we’ve gotten our first activist defeat of Marineland in court! 

So far our campaign year has been full of positives, but we also have to make sure we keep that up! Our next demonstration is coming soon on Sunday June 29th from 12-2pm. For those who have been waiting for a Sunday demonstration this is for you! The demonstration itself is part of "Freedom for Dolphins and Whales" another coordinated and international day of protest against animal captivity. Please do what you can to support that demonstration spread the word through social media and word of mouth, organizing and offering car pools and encouraging others to get active for captive animals! We’ve attached a facebook cover photo for facebook users to use to spread the word 

"Freedom for Dolphins and Whales" Facebook Event Page -

We fought hard for the right to demonstrate, to chant and to appeal to the public to educate them on how they have a choice that captive animals do not. Now, it’s time to step up and use those rights! 

Marineland Animal Defense 


URGENT: 24 Hours Until We Are Back In Court. Legal Support Needed!

Hey M.A.D.’rs 

As most of you are aware, Marineland Canada is dragging us back to court tomorrow. This means another 10am date with Justice Lococo at the St. Catharines Courthouse. 

Why are they dragging us back? Because they want more restrictions on demonstrations and are trying to slip in new language claiming that their customers have a “right to quiet enjoyment of the facility.” If successful, this could mean that all demonstrations on site would have to go silent. 

Why do they care so much? Because the personal appeals that advocates make at demonstrations are capable of educating those thinking about possibly entering the facility and it has changed minds. For those who have been out to our demonstrations you will have seen this process. Advocates pleading respectfully with those thinking about entering the park telling them about Kiska’s story, reminding them how powerful their choices are and that they can leave but the animals cannot, and urging everyone to keep wild animals in the wild and to protect the habitats and ecosystems of wild animals. 

This is the basics of effective advocacy and Marineland is trying to destroy it. 

With less than a week to prepare we launched a legal fund to cover the costs of the previous cost order so that it can not be used in court to prejudice this motion. In that time we have raised $7,100! With 24 hours left to go we need to raise another $2,900. If everyone chips in - donating if you can, sharing if you cannot - we know we will get there.

If you care about animals, if you care about the captive animals at Marineland, and you care about the right to continue to advocate for them then please do what you can to help us! The support we get allows us to push forward even as Marineland continues to drag us through the court system. 

Marineland Animal Defense 


Photo Cred: The Indignants 


Urgent: Marineland Animal Defense Under Attack

Hi MAD Supporters, 

We are reaching out today in need of urgent help. With the least amount of time possible Marineland Canada has filed new motions against us and we will be back in court on June 16th. This time we will be defending against a motion Marineland is bringing forward to try and restrict all speech on site during demonstrations. They claim that their customers should have a “right to quiet enjoyment” of the facility - a right they certainly don’t give to captive animals at the facility.

On top of this, they have come forward with Garnishment Orders on the cost order they were awarded in August 2013 against myself and Marineland Animal Defense. $10,000 means little to a corporation that is reported to spend $4 million/year on advertising alone - but the order allows Marineland to use this as a weapon. 

I am the only person individually named in the order because I refused under cross examination to name anyone else associated with Marineland Animal Defense. I did that in the hopes that if and when the time would come the support needed would be there. This is that time. 

Since Marineland can use that outstanding cost order for leverage in court – on June 16th – we are trying to make that cost order disappear before that date. For anyone who has been to demonstrations and supported this campaign – please consider throwing down some funds. Every little bit helps, including sharing the GoFundMe we have running now

Please, help us get this out of the way so we can get back to organizing.

Dylan Powell (Co Founder of Marineland Animal Defense)


Marineland is taking MAD and co-founder Dylan Powell back to court on June 16th. We urgently need your help to defend ourselves and get rid of the $10,000 cost order currently in place before that date. Please share this image to spread the word and stay tuned for more updates and information on what you can do to help! You can read more and donate on our Go Fund Me page here:

"Although $10,000 means next to nothing to Marineland Canada - which is reported to spend $4 Million/Year on advertising alone - it gives them significant leverage in the court room and also provides them with another weapon to punish me with. We are hoping to raise the funds to get rid of this cost order and also to successfully defend ourselves on June 16th - which would mean on June 17th we would be back to a position of strength after 19 months of aggressive civil litigation from Marineland. 

We’ve kept organizing, kept demonstrating and kept the pressure on and this latest round of aggression from Marineland can be traced back as their response to the overwheming support of our massive opening day “March on Marineland.” With your support we will keep moving forward! “


MAD E-News: We Did It! Hundreds Marched on Marineland!

Hey MAD’rs, 

Last Saturday the captive animal facility Marineland Canada opened for its 53rd season and it was met with the first ever march through downtown Niagara Falls onto the facility! Hundreds took to the streets of Niagara Falls - marching from HWY 420 and through the tourist district - to let the public know that we want an end to animal captivity! 

The crowd was electric - driven by chants and a marching band - and the impact was undeniable. A new chapter in the 40+ years of opposition to Marineland has begun. 

Some of the best photos of the day are attached and links to some of the best media coverage is below. 

A huge thank you to everyone who volunteered, participated and supported the #MarchOnMarineland. This could not have happened without a massive team effort and we are so grateful for all of the support! 

Marineland Wildlife “Dying” to Entertain You (Now Magazine)

My Daughters First Visit to Marineland (Niagara At Large)

March On Marineland (Video - The Indignants) -

A reminder to everyone that this weekend we follow this up with our demonstration on site as part of "Empty the Tanks" - please come out and support this global day of protest against animal captivity! 

Empty the Tanks -

Marineland Animal Defense 

Photo Cred: Truly Organic Foods

Photo Cred: nataliec98 


MAD E-News: 24 Hours Until We March on Marineland!

Hey MAD’rs 

We are now 24 hours away from the start of the March on Marineland! The first ever march on Marineland in the history of its 40+ years of opposition! 

Some last minute updates for those coming out. Please use the event website and the Facebook event page as resources. In the last few days we’ve announced the full parking/shuttling/march route and also sent a call out for people to wear a blue shirt/sweater/jacket in order to create a "Sea of Blue" effect

The weather might not look like much where you are right now, but the weather for tomorrow is still forecast as being nice with only a small chance of showers in the late afternoon. Temperatures will be a bit chilly though, so do prepare. 

We are still also looking for volunteers in our shuttling program to send people back to where they parked and also are still reaching out and encouraging those who wish to be parade pace/vehicles for those who cannot make the entire march to reach out and contact us. Also, if you have space in your car from wherever you are coming from please do take the time to offer that space to others by posting about it on the event page. We want to make sure that everyone who wants to be at the March will be! 

Aside from all of that we are excited to kick off a new season! For those following or coming out tomorrow remember to use the #MarchOnMarineland hashtag on social media for others to see! 

Sea of Blue announcement and also the Front and Back of the March Sheet that will be handed out to everyone tomorrow is attached! If anyone has any last minute questions or concerns that aren’t addressed via the site or the event page don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us! 

Marineland Animal Defense 


image image


MAD E-News: 11 Days til the March on Marineland!

Hey MAD’rs, 

We are now 11 days away from what might be the largest demonstration in the history of 40 years of opposition to Marineland Canada! 

We’ve been planning, organizing and promoting for this moment since closing day and we are almost there! 

For people looking for more information about the march please check back regularly and use the links below as a resource. 

Facebook Event Page for March on Marineland

Website for the March on Marineland -

Also, please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. We are doing our best to keep up with the high volume of emails and messages so please do be patient! 

Aside from this - we still have space available on buses from Kitchener/Waterloo as well as Toronto. You can register for these buses at the form below.

The next 11 days are going to take a massive group effort. If you have spots in your car to offer up - please do! If you need a ride - reach out on the event page and ask. If you can volunteer on the day to shuttle people back to their cars - please reach out! And everyone can do what they can to spread the word over the next 11 days by sharing the event page, inviting friends to it, rsvp’ing, and spreading information about the march by word of mouth. People power is what we got - let’s flex those muscles and make sure our concern for captive animals cannot be ignored! 

Posters, Cover Photos are attached to spread around. If anyone would also like originals, handbills, or to make promo videos or their own posters please do! We encourage people to get creative! 

Last but not least - please also do take the time to share our 90 Seconds for Kiska PSA which is also a promo video from the upcoming March on Marineland. 

90 Seconds for Kiska -

Til’ next time and til’ all the cages and tanks are empty! - xo, MAD