#ACT07 Bus Information!

Hey all, the much awaited bus information is below. We we will be sending buses from Toronto and London and they will be stopping in Kitchener/Waterloo, Hamilton and St. Catharines on there way. Our apologies to those who registered from Kingston. Our bus costs would have doubled and unfortunately we did not have enough registrations to warrant that. That said, we do now have some space opened up on the Toronto bus so if you missed our registration deadline get in touch asap! Bus schedules below. Buses leave 15 minutes after time posted. Both buses will depart from the site at 3pm. If you have any other questions or concerns about the bus contact

London Bus

London (White Oaks Mall) - 7:15 am

Kitchener/Waterloo (Kitchener City Hall - Duke St W.) - 8:50 am

Hamilton (Food Basics Parking Lot - Barton and Mary) - 9:50 am

Niagara Falls (Marineland) - 11:15 am

Toronto Bus

Toronto (Keele Station) - 9:15 am

St. Catharines (Rexall Pharmacy 258 Lake St.) - 10:35 am

Niagara Falls (Marineland) - 11:15 am